Science Requirements


The Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) is a facility of the DOE Office of Science (SC) and provides network connectivity and services for DOE/SC Labs to communicate with science collaborators around the world. ESnet also provides networking for the Labs and sites of other DOE offices. To support this mission, ESnet regularly collects requirements from a variety of sources, including network observation and monitoring, the National Laboratory CIOs and DOE/SC program managers, and by directly interacting with the scientists that use the network.

Network Observation

ESnet routinely monitors the volume and aggregate characteristics of the traffic traversing the network. This provides us with historical usage  information and allows us to make predictions based on past trends.

Laboratory CIOs and Program Managers

ESnet receives input from the CIOs of the DOE National Laboratories, as well as from program managers in the DOE Office of Science. These interactions provide ESnet with high-level direction as to the business needs of the Laboratories and other needs of the program offices.

Users, Scientists, and Program Requirements Reviews

ESnet conducts regular program requirements reviews to determine the current and future science networking requirements for each of the six DOE/SC program offices. The reviews elicit information from program managers and key scientists about the current and future network requirements of the science conducted by the particular program office. More information on the reviews is available on the network program requirements reviews page. There is also a FAQ page to assist case study authors.

ESnet Sites

ESnet collects network requirements from ESnet sites through meetings with site representatives at the ESnet Site Coordinators Committee (ESCC). ESnet Site Coordinators are encouraged to collect requirements from their instruments, facilities and key staff (such as principal investigators on large projects), especially when the requirements come from work that is not funded by DOE/SC.

Network Requirements Reviews

ESnet conducts biannual network requirements workshops for DOE Office of Science program offices. Read More »


ESnet publishes reports from science network Program Requirements Reviews on a regular basis. View the most recent of these below. Read More »