BES Attendees 2014


Attendee list for the 2014 BES Network Requirements Review


 Name  Organization  Area
Greg Bell ESnet Networking
Amber Boehnlein SLAC LCLS and SSRL Facilities
Keri Cagle ORISE Logistics
Robert Dalesio BNL NSLS-II Facility
Eli Dart ESnet Networking
Jim Davenport DOE/SC/BES Materials Science and Engineering
Vince Dattoria DOE/SC/ASCR ESnet Program Manager
Jim Freericks Georgetown University Theory (related to LCLS)
Mike Griffin NIH Observer
Mary Hester ESnet Networking
Cristopher Jacobsen ANL APS Facility
Raj Kettimuthu ANL Globus
Eliane Lessner DOE/SC/BES Accelerator and Detector Research
Inder Monga ESnet Networking
Joe Oefelein SNL/CA Combustion Research Facility / Chemistry
Colin Ophus LBNL National Center for Electron Microscopy
Dula Parkinson LBNL ALS Facility
Mark Pederson DOE/SC/BES Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Kristin Persson LBNL Materials Project
Don Preuss NIH Observer
Thomas Proffen ORNL SNS Facility
Lauren Rotman ESnet Science Engagement
Bobby Sumpter ORNL Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences
Craig Tull LBNL Data Issues for Light Sources
Priya Vashishta USC Future Directions in High End Materials Modeling
Jason Zurawski ESnet Networking