Weathering the Flood of Big Data in Climate Research

Big Data, it seems, is everywhere, usually characterized as a Big Problem. But researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are adept at accessing, sharing, moving and analyzing massive scientific datasets. At a July 14-16 workshop focused on climate science, Berkeley Lab experts shared their expertise with other scientists working with big datasets. > » READ MORE

Wolf-Rayet Becomes a Supernova

For the first time ever, scientists have direct confirmation that a Wolf-Rayet star—sitting 360 million light years away in the Bootes constellation—died in a violent explosion known as a Type IIb supernova. This work was possible thanks to the iPTF survey, which uses ESnet. > » READ MORE

ESnet and I2 Team Up for the Technology Exchange!

Hosted by IU, the Technology Exchange 2014 will bring together networking pioneers and architects to discuss advanced technologies for computer networks. > » READ MORE

100 Gbps Test Link Sets Pace for Faster Trans-Atlantic Data Transfers

Ten-minute saturation test of 100G link between New York, Amsterdam yields 99.99 percent utilization with no errors, no loss. > » READ MORE

Democratizing Science With High Speed Networks

For the first time, data collected and analyzed by a very remote user of the National Center for Electron Microcopy (NCEM) via ESnet has been published. > » READ MORE