Programs & Workshops

ESnet actively works with its partners to coordinate regular events and programs geared toward helping the science and engineering community solve global data mobility challenges. 



CrossConnects Workshop Series

ESnet leads a series of workshops called CrossConnects, which facilitates discussions and coordinations between network engineers and domain scientists, especially in areas with growing data needs. The workshops are geared toward helping specific science domains use and understand the network, as well as responding to the unique networking needs of each domain.  Read More


Operating Innovative Networks Workshop Series

The Operating Innovative Networks (OIN) workshop series is designed to equip university and laboratory network engineers with the knowledge and training needed to build next-gen campus networks that are optimized for data-intensive science.  Presented by experts from the Department of Energy’s ESnet, Indiana University and Internet2, the workshop series focuses on Science DMZ network…  Read More


Enlighten Your Research Global Program

In late 2012, five national research and education networks partnered together to build and organize a new program called Enlighten Your Research Global (EYR-Global). Lead by SURFnet (in the Netherlands), ESnet (in the US), Internet2 (also in the US), Janet (in the UK), and Funet (in Finland), this proposal-based program sought out researchers that could immediately benefit from improved use of advanced research networks to connect their global collaborations and enable their research.  Read More