ESnet History


1976 - MFEnet provides data links between Fusion Energy home sites and LLNL

1980 - HEPnet developed extensive leased line network managed by volunteers

1985 - Dr. Trivelpiece recommends MFEnet and HEPnet combine to what will become ESnet

1986 - ESnet formal plan established charted with creating a single general purpose network for the ER community

 - James Leighton named head of ESnet

 - ESSC "directs" program's direction

1988 - ESnet provides ER-wide networking services

1989 - ESnet deploys commercially supplied multiprotocol routers via T1 lines.

Early 1990s - ESnet becomes international; links to BRAZIL, DFN, INFN, JAERI, KEK and NIFS

- WWW services brought online

- Video collaborations introduced

1992 -”Fast-packet” RFP released

- Multiple lawsuits brought by AT&T to stop award; eventually all are dismissed

1994 - Sprint master contract signed

- First T3 links

- First commercial ATM service

1995 - First OC3 service

1996 - ESnet relocates to LBNL

- IPv6 backbone participation  

- Pioneers telecommuting

1999 - Qwest master contract signed

2001 - Transition to Qwest service complete

2002 - Transition from ATM to POS

2003 - Bill Johnston becomes ESnet Department Head

- First Lehman review of ESnet

2004 - OSCARS project started

- Network outages tracked by calendaring system

2005 - Local loop paradigm changes

- BAMAN implemented

- First tail circuits procured from wholesale vendors

- Second Lehman review of ESnet affirms collaborative backbone concept with Internet 2

- Science Data Network concept is conceived

- perfSONAR work begins

2006 - MANs are built out

 - CHIMAN connects ANL and FNAL to backbone

 - LIMAN connects BNL to backbone

2007 - IP backbone transitioned to Level 3

 - SDN deployment begins

2008 - Steve Cotter named as ESnet Department Head

2009 - LBNL receives $62M for ANI

        - ESnet receives Excellence.Gov award

        - ESnet honored as one of InformationWeek's Top 10 Government IT Innovators

2010 - ESnet buys its first segment of dark fiber for the Long Island MAN

        - Testbed infrastructure available to community for research

2011 - ESnet's OSCARS (On-Demand Secure Circuits and Advance Reservation System) selected for honorable
          mention by the University of California Larry L. Sautter Award Program

        - ESnet invited to join GreenTouch Consortium

        - ESnet's OSCARS (On-Demand Secure Circuits and Advance Reservation System) receives IDEA
          (Internet2 Driving Exemplary Applications) Award

        - ESnet's MAVEN (Monitoring and Visualization of Energy consumed by Networks) proof of concept receives
          IDEA (Internet2 Driving Exemplary Applications) Award in the student category

        - ESnet celebrates 25th anniversary

        - New Scientific Networking Division created as home for ESnet

        - Greg Bell named as acting Division Director for ESnet