ESnet Site Coordinators Committee (ESCC)

What is ESCC?

The ESnet Site Coordinators Committee (ESCC) is comprised of representatives across multiple ESnet-connected sites. Each site has a designated "site coordinator" and these coordinators make or approve requests to ESnet management and staff for any changes to the operation of the site’s network that relate to ESnet function. The site coordinator has the authority and responsibility for this portion of the site’s networking, and to ensure that any requests meet with the sites’ policies, ESnet’s policies, and the ESnet AUP.

Two to three times a year, the site coordinators participate in ESnet Coordinating Committee (ESCC) meetings. These meetings are a technical forum to establish community practices that govern the smooth operation of the ESnet-Labs/sites joint networking endeavor. Access to the ESCC requires registration.

ESnet site coordinator roles and responsibilities document can be download from here.

Approval process

The site coordinator is appointed by laboratory or site management. At a DOE National Laboratory, the appointment would likely be made by the Director of Computing or the CIO. Any changes in personnel must be approved by the responsible site manager, and communicated to ESnet management ( and to the chairperson of the ESCC. The site coordinator is directly responsible for requesting site-specific network changes, and supplying ESnet with:

  • The email of a site security contact who can quickly react to incident reports
  • A network operations contact for use in network problem diagnosis and resolution, as well as specifying hours of availability. Typically this would be a network operations center mailer. While ESnet monitors the site’s network coverage 24x7x365, if a site doesn’t have this level of local coverage, the site coordinator should provide an off-hours contact 
  • The information necessary to register an assignment of ESnet’s address space to the site with the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)
  • A pointer to a locally-maintained email list for the distribution of ESnet status messages
  • Managing ESnet equipment and property at the site, including physical tracking and security, responding promptly to information requests by LBNL property management representatives during inventories, and coordinating signing of a property responsibility MOU
  • Network operations POC
  • Site security POC
  • Name an alternative site coordinator for requests and approvals, however the ultimate responsibility for an alternate’s actions rest with the site coordinator
  • Supply a DNS contact for managing the site’s DNS requests, including managing top level domains
  • Supply names of additional technical contacts, typically senior network engineers with hands-on responsibility as a liaison between site users and ESnet operational personnel.

ESnet Responsibilities

ESnet maintains an email list of site coordinators, alternates, technical contacts and DNS contacts in its internal database. The database generates an email list: and sends it to the ESnet ESCC chair. To keep the list current, ESnet sends semi-annual emails to site coordinators requesting confirmation that s/he is still active and all contacts supplied are correct. When the list is complete, ESnet places it on the ESnet web server on the ESnet site coordinators private page.