Connected Sites

The ESnet high-speed network directly supports the research of thousands of Department of Energy scientists at over 40 institutions (site list), as well as connects them to more than 100 other research and education networks. ESnet is supervised by the Office of Science, which oversees 10 national laboratories that carry out the missions of its science programs, as well as underwrites research and development projects conducted at additional laboratories overseen by other DOE offices.

The national laboratory system, created over a half-century ago, represents the most comprehensive research system of its kind in the world. National laboratories perform research that is not well suited to university or the private sector because of its scope, infrastructure, or multidisciplinary nature, but for which there is a strong public and national purpose. This is why ESnet exists--to provide the specialized kind of networking services required by multidisciplinary teams of scientists as they collaborate in distributed experiments using world-class scientific equipment, supercomputers, and facilities. We support DOE scientists and link them to their colleagues in global scientific collaborations including the Large Hadron Collider, and Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider in a variety of areas, including climate, high energy physics, and energy studies. 

ESnet Peerings Network [Click on image for download.]