Governance & Policies

ESnet is operated by the ESnet staff at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. As a DOE user facility, ESnet is primarily funded by the DOE Office of Science, as well as other Department of Energy offices. ESnet is supervised by its designated Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) program manager, Benjamin Brown, in Washington, D.C. The ASCR program fosters the discovery, development, and deployment the computational and networking tools that enable researchers in the scientific disciplines to analyze, model, simulate, and predict complex phenomena important to the Department of Energy.

ESnet Site Coordinators Committee (ESCC) and Site Coordinators

Each ESnet site has a designated site coordinator who represents the site. The site coordinator makes or approves requests to ESnet management and staff for any changes to the operation of the site’s network that relate to ESnet function.   Read More

Data Privacy Policy

ESnet Network Data Privacy PolicyI. IntroductionThe Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) is the US Department of Energy’s high-performance networking facility, engineered and optimized for large-scale science.  Funded by the DOE Office of Science and managed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), ESnet interconnects the entire national laboratory system, including its…  Read More

ESnet Site User Cost Policy

The Office of Science (SC) contributes to the broader DOE mission by extending the reach of ESnet services to non-SC partners.  The cost policy provides a holistic framework for determining whether a Site User should pay ESnet User Connection Costs, and for calculating those costs in a transparent way. The policy is updated annually in June.  ESnet and ASCR manage user governance of ESnet…  Read More