There are several ESnet portals providing users access to operational data about the network, as well as an additional channel to communicate with the Network Operations Center (NOC). 

This resource provides a live view of the core network and connected Sites and Facilities.  Both current and historic usage over the last 10 years are available.  Additional dashboards and visualizations can be found on the ESnet Stardust site.



perfSONAR is used to test end-to-end performance within the network and with our peers in the community.  There are multiple dashboards displaying the results of backbone, Site and Facility tests.  For additional information, see the perfSONAR page on this site.


Customer Service Portal

This site allows authenticated users to manage their organization's contacts, service requests, incidents and maintenance activities.  Log into the portal with your home institution credentials.  If you don't have an account, ask your Site Coordinator to add you as a contact.