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ESnet's Network Services team offers a comprehensive suite of services. For more information, contact

Physical Connectivity Services

ESnet's Physical Connectivity Service is the physical connection between an end user's network to ESnet's equipment either locally at the end user site or at a remote Point of Presence (POP).  ESnet will design and implement an optical connection to provide stable and resilient links sized to the customers throughput needs, ensuring the effective use of other ESnet services. ESnet offers Physical Connections at 10 Gigabit, 100 Gigabit, and 400 Gigabit throughput speeds.

Service On-Ramp

To connect remote end user sites to ESnet’s Points of Presence (POPs), ESnet can leverage its extensive vendor network to design, order, implement, performance test, and manage either "Dark Fiber'' or "Lit" circuits, depending on the site’s needs.

Layer 2 VPN

For specific types of end user point-to-point or mesh connectivity, ESnet will design and implement our Layer 2 Virtual Private Network Service (L2 VPN).  L2 VPN services, which can be created statically or through ESnet’s OSCARS automated provisioning, forward VLAN tagged Ethernet Frames from customer sites to other customer sites, peers in the global R&E community, and commercial cloud providers.

Layer 3 Services

ESnet uses Layer 3 services to transmit traffic to customer sites, peers and R&E Sites. ESnet configures IPV4 or IPV6 depending on what the site can support. BGP is used to transmit traffic to its customer sites, peers, and R&E sites in the most efficient way and with minimum latency. With specific customers, ESnet uses static routes for traffic transmission, these static routes use pre configured routes to send traffic to the destination.

IP transit 

ESnet’s IP Transit service provides ESnet sites with access to the public internet through paid upstream connectivity with Hurricane Electric and Lumen (formerly known as CenturyLink). Peering locations are strategically chosen to provide redundant, low-latency, and high-speed internet access.


ESnet’s L3VPN is an IP & BGP based routing service that allows ESnet sites to establish private communication between multiple locations or facilities that are connected on our backbone. The service provides a logically separate routing environment that utilizes the same underlying network infrastructure. 

Route Hijack Monitoring 

ESnet’s route hijack monitoring and notification service protects and ensures both ESnet and sites that use their ASN and prefixes are being routed correctly within the global routing table. Utilizing global BGP routing data from multiple sources, ESnet monitors for misconfigured or illicit changes and works to remediate hijacks as they happen. 

Blackhole Routing

ESnet’s Blackhole Routing Service is a destination-based blackhole routing service that allows ESnet engineers to silently drop unwanted traffic as a site requires. This service is often used to mitigate DDOS attacks or filter traffic generated due to device misconfiguration. 

Cloud Connect 

ESnet extends redundant and resilient connectivity to Cloud service providers, including AWS/AWS Gov, Microsoft Azure/Azure Gov Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Google Cloud Platform.

DNS Hosting Services

ESnet offers a variety of DNS services to improve reliability and security. Secondary DNS service improves the reliability of your DNS infrastructure by providing a geographically diverse anycast DNS infrastructure that can serve as or augment your site's authoritative DNS service. ESnet’s DNSSEC and NSEC3 capable DNSSEC signing service is available to sites wanting to secure their DNS data.  Each of ESnet’s DNS servers are DNSSEC and NSEC3 capable. 

IP Address Assignment 

ESnet is able to delegate Provider Aggregatable IP numbering resources (IPv4 and IPv6) for a site’s use that falls within the Acceptable Use Policy. This address space is globally-routable, with the limitation that it must be announced to transit exclusively via ESnet.

NTP/PTP Timing Services 

ESnet provides four redundant and geographically separated NTP/PTP appliances with outstanding holdover performance providing top level timing. Stratum 1 and 2 NTP is provided for both IPv4 and IPv6 network hosts.