Training: Programs & Workshops

Broad adoption of Cyberinfrastructure (CI) tools, methods, and resources help to enable new modes of discovery, but also require continuing educational opportunities and dissemination of current practices to many audiences including technology support staff, research scientists, and decision makers.

The gap in training can be difficult to overcome, given that it is difficult to spare staff time to attend events or find funding for continuing education that are held off-site and require time and cost to facilitate travel.

ESnet, and our networking partners, regularly coordinate to offer regular events and programs geared toward helping the science and engineering community solve global data mobility challenges.

We strive to address the support of advanced CI, and to put forth our recommendations of the infrastructure which has been tested and evaluated and published in prestigious conferences like the Supercomputing Technical Papers program.

We offer different viewpoints to these problems that range from emphasizing the design and deployment of targeted technology to support research, training on the use of tools on existing scientific use of networks, and gaining a deeper understanding of the ways that science and research use networks to advance their efforts.

Scalability of training efforts is inherently limited. All training materials, including lecture materials and a selection of recorded content, are available online. We actively engage with our partners at regional networking facilities and centers of excellence to expand the scope of educators.


Engineering Workshops

ESnet workshops that highlight engineering and technology topics place emphasis on hands-on and immersion techniques. Training through experience is a proven technique to inspire a deeper understanding. The chosen topic areas are based on the pragmatic needs of research and educational institutions to be able to support collaborative science, and the hands-on exercises offered in events will…  Read More

Improving IT and Science Collaboration

A primary mission of ESnet Science Engagement is to improve data mobility & management strategies for scientific users. ESnet has developed a series of workshops called CrossConnects for this…  Read More