Experimental Network Testbeds and Test Circuit Services

100G SDN Testbed

ESnet 100G Testbed  Read More

Dark Fiber Testbed

ESnet has a nationwide dark fiber available to researchers. The researcher must be able to cover the cost of lighting this fiber, which can be fairly significant. Access to this testbed requires a proposal similar to that of the SDN testbed.   Read More

Test Circuit Service

ESnet provides layer-2 circuits for testing and network research. These circuits may go between 2 or more ESnet endpoints, and various quality of service (QoS) options are available. The default QoS for test circuits is 1 Gbps of guaranteed bandwidth, with traffic greater than 1Gbps tagged ‘scavenger’. Details on other QoS options are at the bottom of this page. Approval of test circuit…  Read More

ESnet Testbed: Published Results

PublicationsThe ESnet Testbed was used for results in the following peer reviewed published/accepted papers:2017 Liang Zhang, Wenji Wu, Phil DeMar, Eric Pouyoul, “mdtmFTP and its Evaluation on ESNET's SDN Testbed”, The Journal of Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier, 2017. (accepted, and to be published) 2016 “Improving network performance on multicore systems: Impact of core…  Read More

Current Testbed Research

The following projects are currently using one of the ESnet Testbeds. Previous testbed projects descriptions are located here. Evaluation of Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Seismic Event Detection and Imaging Using ESnet 100G and Dark Fiber Testbed, J. Ajo-Franklin, T.M. Daley, B. Freifeld (Berkeley National Lab/EGD) Recent advances in Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), the detection of…  Read More

Previous Testbed Research

 The following projects are no longer active. Project Name/PI   Optimization of HEP Data Transfers on 40G NICs, Azher Mughal, Caltech Project Summary Determining optimal tuning, parallel streams, file system layout, and so on for 40Gbps Hosts Expected Results A better understanding of the perfomance tuning to saturate the 40 NIC using FDT. Project Name/PI   NERSC 100Gbps DTN testing…  Read More