Network R&D

ESnet's research and development activities are integral to our mission of advancing the capabilities of today's networking technologies to better serve the science requirements of the future. We continually investigate and test the services, protocols, routing techniques, and tools necessary to meet the expanding needs of our user community of DOE scientists. Since 1985, in addition to running a world-class production internet backbone that links DOE researchers and user facilities, ESnet has been engaged in developing and rolling out technology solutions and services. ESnet has established many ongoing collaborations with other research and education networks, as well as commercial vendors on projects including, the following:

ESnet's active research and innovation efforts lead to software and tools that we share openly with the community, and are accessible at:

We also participate in the following international organizations:

  • Open Grid Forum (OGF)
  • Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF)
  • Open Networking Foundation (ONF)
  • Greentouch [now disbanded as mission completed]