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Designing, building, and maintaining advanced cyberinfrastructure to support scientific use cases can be challenging.  There are numerous items to learn about, and the learning can be never ending.  As a community, it is important for all of us to be available to answer questions, propose new ideas, and build upon our collective knowledge.  

Starting in 2017 ESnet, in collaboration with the National Science Foundation, began sponsoring semi-weekly talks on engineering and engagement topics.  These CI Engineering Lunch & Learn talks are held on Friday afternoons @ 2:00pm ET using the following Zoom number:

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Talk announcements are made weekly on the following mailing list, sign up is moderated but all are welcome to join.  Visit this link, and then click "Ask to join group":

Upcoming Talks

The following is a list of upcoming talks:

Date Speaker / Affiliation Talk Topic
Between June 14th and July 12th None Scheduled None Scheduled
July 12th, 2024 Ali Mazloum and Jorge Crichigno, University of South Carolina Enhancing perfSONAR Measurement Capabilities using P4 Programmable Switches and Adaptive Sampling
Between July 12th and Aug 2nd None Scheduled None Scheduled
August 2nd, 2024 perfSONAR Office Hours perfSONAR Office Hours
Beyond Aug 2nd, 2024 None Scheduled None Scheduled

The most up to date schedule can be found here:

Previous Talks

All previous talks (slides and recordings) can be found here: 

2017 - 2024 talks are also posted to youtube:

2024 Talks

Date Speaker / Affiliation Topic Recording Link YouTube Link
1/12/2024 Brenna Meade, IU SC23 & SC24 WINS Program GDrive YouTube
2/2/2024 Brian Bockelman, UWisc Pelican: Advancing Science by Delivering Data GDrive YouTube
2/9/2024 Jennifer Schopf, TACC EPOC Support for CC* GDrive YouTube
2/16/2024 perfSONAR Development Team perfSONAR Office Hours GDrive YouTube
2/23/2024 Kate Keahey, ANL Chameleon GDrive YouTube
3/1/2024 Wendy Huntoon, AIHEC 2024 CC* Program  GDrive YouTube
3/8/2024 Curt Dodds, UH Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, All the Time - Democratizing Astronomy Big Data GDrive YouTube
4/5/2024 Michael Benedetto, AMNH The Continuing Evolution of Research Campus Infrastructure at the American Museum of Natural History GDrive YouTube
4/12/2024 Kobus Van der Merwe, Utah POWDER Testbed GDrive YouTube
4/19/2024 Jose Gomez, Jorge Crichigno, Univ of South Carolina Improving TCP Fairness in Non-programmable Networks using P4-programmable Data Planes GDrive  YouTube
4/26/2024 perfSONAR Development Team perfSONAR 5.1.0 GDrive YouTube
5/3/2024 perfSONAR Development Team perfSONAR Office Hours Not Recorded Not Recorded
5/10/2024 Chris Rapier/PSC HPN-SSH GDrive YouTube
5/17/2024 Ed Balas, ESnet MetraNova GDrive YouTube
5/24/2024 Ed Colone, UMich & TBD, VT Layer 2 connectivity tools for WiFi Monitoring GDrive YouTube
5/31/2024 James Harr, Internet2 IPv6 Test Pod GDrive YouTube
6/14/2024 Dhabaleswar Panda/Ohio State

Creating Intelligent Cyberinfrastructure for Democratizing AI: Overview of the Activities at the NSF-AI Institute ICICLE

GDrive YouTube
7/12/2024 Ali Mazloum and Jorge Crichigno/University of South Carolina Enhancing perfSONAR Measurement Capabilities using P4 Programmable Switches and Adaptive Sampling GDrive YouTube
TBD Ethan Katz-Bassett, Columbia PEERING Project GDrive YouTube

2023 Talks

Date Speaker / Affiliation Topic Recording Link YouTube Link
1/6/2023 Kevin Thompson, NSF 2023 NSF CC* Program GDrive YouTube
1/13/2023 Marla Meehl, NCAR/UCAR SC22 & SC23 WINS Program GDrive YouTube
1/27/2023 Steve Wallace, Internet2 Routing Integrity GDrive YouTube
2/17/2023 Ed Balas / Andy Lake, ESnet Stardust: Latest Developments on ESnet’s Measurement and Analysis Platform GDrive YouTube
3/10/2023  Petya Vasileva / Shawn McKee, UMich Tools and methods for tracking network issues based on perfSONAR datasets GDrive YouTube
3/17/2023 Michael Smitasin, LBL Network Tapping for Zeek: A Deep Dive GDrive YouTube 
3/24/2023 SCinet Team SC22 SCinet Debrief and Plans for SC23 GDrive YouTube
3/31/2023 perfSONAR Dev Team perfSONAR 5.0 GDrive YouTube
4/21/2023 Jeronimo Bezerra, FIU Microburst Detection - Part 1 GDrive YouTube
6/30/2023 Tim Chown, JISC Jumbo frames - the elephant in the room? GDrive YouTube
7/7/2023 Jeronimo Bezerra, FIU Microburst Detection - Part 2 GDrive YouTube
7/14/2023 M. Kiran/ORNL, C. Wang/RENCI, I. Mahmud/LBL, and G. Papadimitriou/ISI Studying TCP Fairness in Large Transfers over High Throughput Links GDrive YouTube
7/17/2023 Jennifer Schopf, TACC
2023 CC* Overview
GDrive YouTube

2022 Talks

Date Speaker / Affiliation Topic Recording Link YouTube Link
1/21/2022 Mariam Kiran, Nick Buraglio & Scott Campbell from ESnet Data driven, machine learning dynamic path optimization GDrive YouTube
1/28/2022 Tom Costello from ANL Campus Network Monitoring with perfSONAR on Raspberry Pis & NX-OS Docker Containers GDrive YouTube
2/25/2022 Jeronimo Bezerra from Florida International University Autonomic Networking Architecture (ANA) leveraging INT and observational learning
GDrive YouTube
3/18/2022 Jeronimo Bezerra from Florida International University NSF AmLight-INT award GDrive YouTube
4/1/2022 Garhan Attebury from University of Nebraska Lincoln A Full Stack View of a Jupyter and Kubernetes-based Analysis Facility GDrive  YouTube
4/15/2022 Jorge Crichigno & Elie Kfoury from University of South Carolina P4Tune: Enabling Programmability in a Non-Programmable Network GDrive YouTube
4/22/2022 Kevin Thompson from the NSF NSF Campus Cyberinfrastructure (CC*) GDrive YouTube
5/13/2022 Andrew Wiedlea from ESnet ESnet, the wireless edge and practical lessons (so far) in developing services GDrive YouTube
5/27/2022 Marcos Schwarz from RNP Using Kata Containers to bring new Linux networking features to production DTNs GDrive  YouTube
6/10/2022 Rachana Ananthakrishnan from University of Chicago & Globus Automated migration from GCSv4 to v5 GDrive YouTube
6/24/2022 Otto Wittner from Sikt (Norwegian Agency for Shared Services in Education and Research) Microdep monitoring projectWiFi GDrive YouTube
7/22/2022 Ed Colone & Interns from Univ of Michigan Monitoring WiFi Metrics with pSSID and perfSONAR 5.0 GDrive YouTube
8/5/2022 Ken Miller from ESnet Performant Data Mobility: Semester Readiness GDrive YouTube
8/12/2022 Michael Sinatra from ESnet When the IETF mixes Spaghetti-Os with Alphabet Soup: How to make sense of DoH, DoT, and DoQ and their implications for Cyberinfrastructure and information security GDrive YouTube
12/15/2022 Jen Schopf from TACC 2023 CC* Program Overview GDrive YouTube

2021 Talks

Date Speaker / Affiliation Topic Recording Link YouTube Link
1/8/2021 Brian Tierney / ESnet BBR TCP v2 Testing @ ESnet GDrive YouTube
1/15/2021 Jen Schopf / IU International Networks & EPOC EPOC Support of the NSF CC* Program GDrive YouTube
1/22/2021 Jeronimo Bezerra / FIU & AMPATH In-band Network Telemetry @ AmLight: Lessons Learned after 2 years GDrive YouTube
2/12/2021 A.J. Ragusa / Indiana University Global NOC OESS - A decade of SDN GDrive YouTube
2/19/2021 Jorge Crichigno & Eli Kfoury / University of South Carolina Virtual Labs for Training, Teaching, and Research on Networks and Cybersecurity Topics GDrive


2/26/2021 Francisco Javier Moreno Arana – former colaborator at NIC Mexico, the National Internet Registry in Mexico FORT - Routing Security for a Free and Open Internet GDrive YouTube
3/12/2021 David Ediger / Georgia Tech Research Institute Adventures in Low-Cost Video Distribution: Lessons from SCinet Measurement Displays GDrive YouTube
3/26/2021 Eli Kfoury, Jose Gomez, & Jorge Crichigno / University of South Carolina Performance Evaluation of TCP BBRv2 Alpha for Wired Broadband, considering Buffer Sizes, Packet Loss Rates, RTTs, and Number of Flows GDrive YouTube
4/9/2021 Greg Veldman / Purdue University  All about Identity and Access Management on SCinet: Enterprise IAM on a Shoestring Budget  GDrive YouTube

Md Abdul Awal / NSRC, Aftab Siddiqui / Internet Society, & Philip Smith / NSRC

Global BCP for Routing Policy and Security GDrive YouTube
4/23/2021 Antoine Delvaux  / PSNC, GEANT, & perfSONAR Outcomes of European perfSONAR User Meeting GDrive YouTube
4/30/2021 Mark Feit / Internet2 & perfSONAR pScheduler’s design and innards GDrive YouTube
5/14/2021 Sowmya Balasubramanian / ESnet & perfSONAR perfSONAR Lookup Service: Moving to Elasticsearch and beyond GDrive YouTube
6/4/2021 Claudio Allocchio & Fabio Farina / GARR/GÉANT Project timemap: measuring latency and jitter on GEANT backbone (and beyond)  GDrive YouTube
6/11/2021 Jem Aizen Guhit / University of Michigan NetBASILISK GDrive YouTube
6/18/2021 Julio Alvarado Negron / UCF & George Robb / ESnet, EPOC The Arecibo Observatory: Disaster, Recovery and What Comes Next GDrive YouTube
7/23/2021 Ali Alrubaiee, Alyssa Bigley, Ed Colone, Samuel Cummins, Mark Feit, Maxwell Li, Yihua Shen, Frank Wang, Daniel Zhang, and Jing Zhang / University of Michigan Developing perfSONAR plugins with pScheduler's Plugin Development Kit GDrive YouTube
7/30/2021 Daniel Zhang, Ali Alrubaiee, Alyssa Bigley, Ed Colone, Samuel Cummins, Mark Feit, Maxwell Li, Yihua Shen, Frank Wang, and Jing Zhang / University of Michigan perfSONAR's new Test and Tool plugins: BSSID scanner, 802.1X, DHCP, Speedtest, pScheduler internals, MTU tester, port mapper, Halfping (latency), and Latency in the cloud: OWAMP & NATs GDrive YouTube
8/16/2021 Phil Hippensteel / The Pennsylvania State University  The Video Industry and the Struggle with Standards GDrive YouTube
10/1/2021 Prasad Calyam, Songjie Wang, & Roshan Neupane from the University of Missouri Online Learning Platform for Application-Inspired Cloud and DevOps Curriculum GDrive YouTube
10/8/2021 Brenna Meade & Ed Moynihan from International Networks at Indiana University Investigating, troubleshooting, and improving performance with NetSage and the GNA-G Routing WG GDrive YouTube
10/15/2021 Doug Southworth from International Networks at Indiana University NetSage: Flexible Monitoring Framework for Multiple Applications GDrive YouTube
10/22/2021 Andrew Lake, Sowmya Balasubramanian, & Ed Balas from ESnet Stardust: ESnet’s Next-Generation Measurement Platform GDrive YouTube
10/29/2021 Charles Shiflett from ESnet EScp GDrive YouTube
11/12/2021 Ken Miller & George Robb / ESnet Data Movement Exhibition Update GDrive YouTube
12/3/2021 Brenna Meade from International Networks at Indiana University SC21 WAN Design GDrive YouTube
12/10/2021 Scott Kohlert from Ciena Advances in Subsea Communications GDrive YouTube
12/17/2021 Hans Addleman from International Networks at Indiana University EPOC: Roadside Assistance GDrive YouTube

2020 Talks

Date Speaker / Affiliation Topic Recording Link YouTube Link
1/17/2020 Anita Nikolich / Illinois Institute of Technology What is FABRIC? GDrive YouTube
2/21/2020 Hyojoon Kim / Princeton University Princeton P4 Campus: Building and Running Novel Campus Network Applications GDrive YouTube

Jorge Crichigno & Elie Kfoury / University of South Carolina

Offloading Media Traffic to P4 Programmable Data Plane Switches GDrive YouTube

Rick Wagner / Globus

Automating Research Data Workflows with Globus GDrive YouTube

Math Mathis / Google

BBR and the evolution of transport protocols GDrive YouTube

David Teach / Univ of Oregon

Route Views GDrive YouTube

Jason Zurawski / ESnet & EPOC

Data Movement Exhibition Update GDrive YouTube

Eric Boyd / Univ of Michigan

NetBasilisk @ The University of Michigan GDrive YouTube

Nick Buraglio / ESnet

ESnetIPv6 management network deployment GDrive YouTube

Eli Dart & Hans Addleman / IU, ESnet, & EPOC

Network Strategy to Enable Data Intensive Science GDrive YouTube

Training Workshop for Educators and Network Engineers on High Speed Network Protocols and Security



Brad Cowie / University of Waikato

FAUCET GDrive YouTube

Peter Boothe / Google & MLab

NDT GDrive YouTube

Fatema Bannat Wala / ESnet

Zeek And Ye Shall Find!- A Zeek Primer GDrive YouTube

Andrew Gallo / GWU & Lenny Giuliano / Juniper

Automatic Multicast Tunneling (AMT) GDrive YouTube

Pete Siemsen /NCAR & FRGP

BCP38 GDrive YouTube

Fatema Bannat Wala / ESnet

KYD - Know Your Devices, a Method for Profiling Devices Using DHCP and Zeek GDrive YouTube

Nathan Shepherd, Abigail Fox, and Edward Colone / Univ of Michigan

perfSONAR Deployment technologies (Small nodes and Embedded Systems) GDrive YouTube

Ali Alrubaiee, Brendan Kailukaitis, Charles Beach, Ian Thompson, Iffat Saiyara, Konstantin Kovalchuk, and Edward Colone / Univ of Michigan

Performance monitoring WiFi with perfSONAR GDrive YouTube

Michael Lambert / PSC

Peering DB & IRR GDrive YouTube

Jason Zurawski/ESnet

Quilt Webinar: Identifying Campus Infrastructure Needs GDrive YouTube

Ken Miller / ESnet

Data Movement Exhibition Update GDrive YouTube
8/21/2020 Alan Whinery / University of Hawaii The IPv6 Only Network: How To Simplify Your Life By Turning Off IPv4 GDrive YouTube
8/28/2020 George Robb & Charles Shiflett / ESnet DTN Design Patterns GDrive YouTube
9/11/2020 Michael Sinatra / ESnet MANRS GDrive YouTube
9/25/2020 Jen Schopf / IU International Networks  NetSage Now GDrive YouTube
10/2/2020 Edward Colone / Univ of Michigan & perfSONAR Mobile perfSONAR nodes best practices GDrive YouTube
10/16/2020 Rachana Ananthakrishnan / University of Chicago & Globus Globus Connect Server v5: An Enhanced Experience for User and Admin Alike! GDrive YouTube
10/23/2020 Michael Smitasin & Jay Krous / LBNL Cloudflare Reverse Proxy GDrive


11/6/2020 Edward Colone / Univ of Michigan & perfSONAR Provisioning perfSONAR with Ansible GDrive


 12/4/2020 Jeffry Handal / Cisco   Evolving IP to Solve Problems GDrive


2019 Talks

Date Speaker / Affiliation Topic Recording Link YouTube Link
3/29/2019 Jason Zurawski / ESnet Overview of the Engagement and Performance Operations Center (EPOC) GDrive YouTube
3/29/2019 Chuck Benson / Univ Washington IoT Systems risk mitigation GDrive YouTube
4/12/2019 Frank Wuerthwein / UCSC & OSG Supporting Science via the Open Science Grid (OSG) GDrive YouTube
4/19/2019 Edward Colone / Univ Michigan & perfSONAR perfSONAR automations GDrive  YouTube
4/26/2019 Michael Johnson / Indiana Univ & perfSONAR PWA GDrive  YouTube
5/3/2019 Hans Addleman / Indiana Univ & SCinet SC19 SCinet WAN  GDrive YouTube
5/10/2019 Garhan Attebury / Univ Nebraska  UNLHCC Data Center Upgrades GDrive YouTube
5/17/2019 Rachana Ananthakrishnan / Univ of Chicago & Globus Globus Protected Data GDrive YouTube
5/24/2019 Thomas DeFanti / UCSD & SDSC Pacific Research Platform GDrive YouTube 
5/31/2019 Douglas Jennewein / Univ of South Dakota XSEDECampus Champions GDrive YouTube 
6/7/2019 Joseph White / Univ of Buffalo XDMoD GDrive YouTube 
6/14/2019 Von Welch & Susan Sons / Indiana Univ TrustedCI & ResearchSOC GDrive YouTube
6/28/2019 Dori Sajdak/Univ of Buffalo ColdFront GDrive YouTube
7/12/2019 Shawn Campbell/Malone Univ Virtual vs. Physical DTNs GDrive YouTube
7/26/2019 Julie Ma/MGHPCC GDrive YouTube
8/9/2019 Wallace Chase/REANNZ REANNZ GDrive YouTube
8/16/2019 Nick Buraglio/ESnet Automation, Orchestration, SDN, Technical Debt GDrive YouTube
8/23/2019 Jennifer Schopf/IU International Networks NetSage GDrive YouTube
8/30/2019 Jason Zurawski/ESnet CC* Data Movement Workshop and Exhibition GDrive YouTube
9/13/2019 William Deigaard / Texas A&M Batfish Experience at TAMU, so far... GDrive YouTube
10/4/2019 Kevin Thompson / NSF CC* Program Update GDrive YouTube
10/11/2019 Klara Nahrstedt / UIUC Campus-Specific Cyber-Infrastructure Challenges and Solutions for Scientific Instruments, and their Workflows and Lab Environments GDrive YouTube
10/18/2019 Jeronimo Bezerra / FIU & AMPATH AmLight-INT Project GDrive YouTube


2018 Talks

Date Speaker / Affiliation Topic Recording Link YouTube Link
 1/5/2018  Kevin Thompson / NSF  CC* Overview GDrive YouTube
 1/12/2018  SCinet  SCinet Architecture GDrive  YouTube
 1/19/2018  Grace Wilson Caudill / University of New Hampshire & NorthEast Big Data Innovation Hub (NE BDIH)  Security in Trusted Research Systems and Spaces (SiTRSS)" (pronounced ‘Citrus’) GDrive  YouTube 
 1/26/2018  Michael Sinatra / ESnet  Intro to Crypto GDrive
 2/16/2018  Eli Dart / ESnet  Petascale DTNs / ICNWG GDrive YouTube 
 2/23/2018  UCAR/KINBER/ESnet  WINS Program GDrive YouTube 
 3/9/2018  Jeff Mitchell / Lukas, LaFuria, Gutierrez, and Sachs LLP  Net Neutrality Briefing GDrive YouTube 
 3/16/2018  Derek Weitzel / Univ of Nebraska  StashCache GDrive  YouTube 
 3/23/2018  Steve Lovaas / Colorado State Univ  Our CUI approach, as part of a general high-assurance security topology GDrive YouTube 
 3/30/2018  Jorge Crichigno / Univ of South Carolina  CC* Experience + Research Projects GDrive YouTube 
 4/13/2018  Steven Wallace / Indiana Univ.   Micro DMZs GDrive YouTube 
 4/27/2018  ESnet Infrastructure, Routing, Security  Configuration Management GDrive YouTube 
 5/4/2018  Prasad Calyam / Univ of Missouri  Cyber and Software Automation for Neuroscience Community: Needs in Research and Training GDrive YouTube 
 6/15/2018  Pete Siemsen / NCAR  implementation of BCP38 GDrive YouTube 
 6/22/2018  Andy Lake / ESnet  pSConfig (the meshconfig replacement in perfSONAR 4.1) GDrive YouTube 
 8/3/2018  Gregory Schueren  TCP Snitch GDrive YouTube 
 8/24/2018  Azael Fernandez Alcantara / UNAM  Mexican / Latin American NREN GDrive YouTube 
 9/14/2018  Scott Hogg / GTRI  AWS Security GDrive YouTube 
 9/21/2018  Azher Mughal / USC  100G Experiences @ USC GDrive YouTube 
9/28/2018 Mariam Kiran / ESnet Enabling intents for networks GDrive YouTube 
10/12/2018 Antoine Delvaux & Szymon Trocha / perfSONAR TWAMP GDrive YouTube 


2017 Talks

Date Speaker / Affiliation Topic Recording Link YouTube Link
 6/2/2017 Hunter Fuller / University of Alabama Huntsville  Campus Security Architecture GDrive YouTube
 6/23/2017 Steve Bogol / University of Notre Dame  Science DMZ and Data Center Architecture GDrive YouTube 
 6/30/2017 Scott Valcourt & Doug Green / University of New Hampshire Small School DMZ & Collaboration Lessons Learned GDrive  YouTube 
 7/7/2017 Ken Miller / The Pennsylvania State University  Science DMZ Implementation, Policy, and Sustainability GDrive  YouTube 
 7/14/2017 Jeff Weekley / The University of California at Merced  WAVE Scientific Visualization GDrive  YouTube 
 7/21/2017  Jerry Sheehan / Montana State University  Science DMZ Implementation and Operation GDrive  YouTube 
 7/28/2017  Jay Krous & Aashish Sharma / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  Security @ 100G GDrive  YouTube 
 8/4/2017  Jim Warner / The University of California at Santa Cruz  Switches, Buffers, and Buffer Monitoring GDrive  YouTube 
 8/18/2017  Cody Smith / OARnet  Statewide perfSONAR GDrive  YouTube 
 8/25/2017  Hans Kuhn & Hervey Allen / Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) @ University of Oregon  Operations and overview of NSRC GDrive  YouTube 
 9/8/2017  Neil McKee & Ken Miller / SCinet DevOps Netflow/Inmon  GDrive  YouTube 
 9/15/2017  University of Virginia Readonly Root Environment for Scientific Computing  GDrive  YouTube 
 9/22/2017  Andy Lake / ESnet & perfSONAR  perfSONAR 4.1 GDrive  YouTube 
 9/29/2017  Alan Whinery / University of Hawaii  Where packets go GDrive  YouTube 
 10/13/2017 Greg Veldman & Paul Anderson / SCinet DevOps  Puppet on SCinet Resources GDrive  YouTube 
 10/20/2017  Matt Mathis / Google  BBR GDrive  YouTube 
 10/27/2017  Vas Vasiliadis / Univ of Chicago & Globus  Instrument Automation/Data Management Plan Support GDrive  YouTube 
 11/3/2017  Elliot Fenech / The University of Utah  Utah Student CI PRogram GDrive  YouTube 
 12/1/2017  Alan Sutter, Jonathan Miller, Carrie Rampp, Jason Brooks / Franklin and Marshall College  Science DMZ @ Small Schools GDrive  YouTube 
12/8/2017 Christopher Tengi & Hyojoon Kim / Princeton University  Software Defined Border Router GDrive YouTube 

Affiliated Training Materials 

The R&E community produces lots of informative and educational content that is worth subscribing too, particularly to share with new colleagues looking for education on emerging or existing technology.