ESnet's Core Values

Large group of people assembled outside on tables and grass

The ESnet team at the January 2024 All-Staff Retreat. Photo: Paul Porter, ESnet

In January 2024, ESnet unveiled its five core organizational values: 

One Team, One Goal
We're deeply committed to our core mission of serving and partnering with the science community.

People First
Our well-being and how we treat each other are foundational to mission success.

Partner with Integrity
Recognizing ESnet’s trusted role in many communities, we always act with transparency, honesty, and authenticity.

Lead with Humility
Learn from all, share knowledge with grace.

Progress over Perfection
We prioritize continuous improvement and innovation in every role.

While our mission captures what we do, these values articulate who we are. They encompass the things that are most important to all of us and that give us the common language and norms to guide us toward our mission. Ultimately, our values define the culture we want to create, guide how we prioritize projects, and inform how we evaluate our progress toward our strategic goals.

These statements represent more than a year of careful work by ESnet’s all-volunteer Values Committee, engagement across the entire organization, and input from ESnet’s executive leadership team (ELT). This process was informed by Berkeley Lab’s core values, and the end result is remarkably alike in spirit, reflecting the strategic alignment of a Department of Energy user facility and the national laboratory that stewards it. 

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