Peering Connections


  • In accordance with BCP38, ESnet filters traffic from downstream networks through the use of packet filters. 
  • To ensure BCP38 filters are kept up to date, downstream networks connecting to ESnet are required to publish and maintain accurate records of routing prefixes in use with ESnet. 
  • To facilitate the ability of ESnet's peer networks to prevent the propagation of invalid routing prefixes, ESnet maintains objects in the Internet Routing Registry system as described below.
  • ESnet also filters routing prefixes from peers.  Peer networks connecting to ESnet are strongly encouraged to publish and maintain accurate records of routing prefixes in the IRR system, and ESnet may reject peering requests or de-peer networks if these records are not maintained.


General Peering Information

Autonomous System Number AS293
IRR Registry RADB


PeeringDB Record

Exchange Points

In addition to the public and private exchanges listed in PeeringDB, ESnet is able to peer at the following locations.

PACIFIC WAVE SEA 9K      2001:504:B:10::13
PACIFIC WAVE SEA      2001:504:B:11::13
PACIFIC WAVE SEA-LAX 9K      2001:504:B:80::13
PACIFIC WAVE SEA-LAX      2001:504:B:81::13
PACIFIC WAVE SEA-SNV 9K      2001:504:B:88::13
PACIFIC WAVE SEA-SNV      2001:504:B:89::13
PACIFIC WAVE SNV 9k        2001:504:B:30::2
PACIFIC WAVE SNV        2001:504:B:31::2
PACIFIC WAVE SNV-SEA 9K    2001:504:B:88::130
PACIFIC WAVE SNV-SEA    2001:504:B:89::130
PACIFIC WAVE SNV-LAX 9K        2001:504:B:90::2
PACIFIC WAVE SNV-LAX        2001:504:B:91::2

ESnet Peering Contact Information

To Request Peering with ESnet

[email protected]

24x7 Network Operations

[email protected]