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400Gbps, Intelligent Infrastructure for Science

ESnet is a high-performance national network built and engineered specifically for the purpose of science data transport. ESnet connects more than 40 Department of Energy research sites, including the entire National Laboratory system, its supercomputing facilities, and its major scientific instruments. ESnet also connects to 140 research and commercial networks, permitting tens of thousands of DOE-funded scientists around the world to collaborate productively.

Now in its sixth generation, our nationwide 400 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) network replaced the previous 100 Gbps platform. ESnet6 is new construction built on advanced technologies and new tools for networking. Its 15,000 miles of fiber offer an initial lit capacity of 46.1Tbps. The network platform is managed via a software automation and orchestration system developed by ESnet and integrates self-developed, open-source, and commercial software tools. A new platform allows engineers the capability to monitor flows closely and resolve performance issues proactively. As we move toward this data-deluged future, we are setting our sights on enabling new ways of doing science and high-performance science workflows. 

ESnet6 Network Map with Legend

ESnet's nationwide backbone connects scientists across the U.S. and around the globe. (Select image to enlarge.) »Download the full-size ESnet network map.

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Historical Network Maps

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