ESnet to Demo New Programmable Network Services at SC19

Richard Cziva

November 18, 2019

Richard Cziva, a software engineer with ESnet, will lead a demo of ESnet6’s new High Touch Services during SC19 in the RENCI booth (#781) on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 3:30-4 p.m.

ESnet6’s HighTouch Services will allow programmable network services to be deployed at more than 30 locations of the next-generation ESnet network. One such service will be gathering precise, per-packet telemetry information using P4-programmable telemetry producers and a high-performance collector and storage architecture. 

“High Touch Services is being developed as an integral part of the ESnet6 – an entirely new software-driven network design that enhances the ability to rapidly invent, test, and deploy new innovations."

In addition to Cziva, ESnet's High Touch Services team includes Chin Guok, Yatish Kumar, Bruce Mah, and Kyle Simpson. The presentation at SC19 will describe the motivation behind the development of this service and the overall architecture and system components, with real-time visualization and offline analysis of the collected data. The real-time visualization will allow the identification of poorly performing data transfers and inefficiencies of source or destination hosts.

The demo will also feature a way to use the collected telemetry data with neural networks to identify TCP congestion control algorithms with 98% of accuracy and as few as 5-20 packet observations.

“High Touch Services will allow precise network telemetry information to be collected in our next-generation ESnet6 network,” Cziva said. “The collected telemetry information will enhance user experience, increase network efficiency and improve network security.”