ESnet Welcomes New Hires in June/July

July 31, 2019

Jeff Berman - ESnet

Jeffrey Berman

Jeffrey Berman

Jeff Berman recently joined ESnet as a network operations engineer providing operations support. Throughout his career he has been drawn to project management.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve been interested in how things work, improving their functions and streamlining processes. I have used and honed these skills in all aspects, including a sole proprietorship, everyday life, and in business and technology venues. Project management has come naturally to me, as I can view the work from a high level, as well as into the details, streamlining the job ending with results that are typically on time and on budget. I naturally look at things and find ways to make improvements.”

Originally from New York, Berman relocated with his family to the Bay Area in 1987 and enjoys spending time on the Bay and photographing wildlife.

“The most favorite part of living here is the year-round sailing that we can enjoy. I enjoy the bay on my sailboat in both cruising and racing. In addition, Pt. Reyes is a major attraction for me. I visit it often to photograph the wildlife and have had opportunities to be on the land, and see it from the water. The Bay Area is an excellent venue for me to photograph, which is another one of my interests.”

In addition to sailing, Berman and his wife enjoy road trips and relaxing in the evening playing with their three cats.

John Christman - ESnet

John Christman

John Christman

John Christman, son of former ESnet network engineer John Christman who retired in 2016, has joined ESnet as a network engineer, where his focus is on the ESnet6 implementation. Originally from Livermore, Christman earned his B.S. degree from the University of Nevada, Reno and says he first became interested in computer science in high school.

“Programming my calculator in high school was my first code, and from that I became interested in programming on a larger scale. Also, because my father was a network engineer, at a young age I would accompany him to work and learn about the industry. And I continued this passion throughout college.”

When he’s not at Berkeley Lab supporting the ESnet6 project, Christman likes to surf, explore San Francisco, and attend Warriors and Giants games. He also enjoys attending concerts and playing the guitar.


Brian Eschen - ESnet

Brian Eschen

Brian Eschen

Based in Seattle, Brian Eschen is a network engineer for ESnet who is working on the DOEnet project. He is originally from Wisconsin, where he attended Madison Area Technical College and graduated with an AAS Degree in Network Security.

His interest in this field goes back many years: “I first became interested in computing sciences when I was little. I looked up to my father, who had his own career in the IT field.”

When not working, Eschen enjoys hiking, camping, landscape photography, and discovering the best slices of pizza. During his initial visit to the Bay Area, he is asking his Berkeley Lab colleagues to “send recommendations :)” for their favorite pizza joints.