ESnet IPv6 Mirror Servers

ESnet has deployed two IPv6-capable mirror servers to provide IPv6-native access to open source software for our sites and our collaborators. These servers are open to all. They are also available via IPv4 to aid in the transition to IPv6. The DNS names for the mirror servers resolve to both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Therefore, if IPv6 connectivity is available, yum, csup, fetch and other tools will use IPv6 to download updates.

Linux Mirror Server -

The ESnet Linux mirror server maintains copies of several Linux distributions, as well as and several other open source software packages (e.g. CPAN). For a complete listing, visit the ESnet IPv6 Linux Mirror with a web browser. To fetch updates from the Linux Mirror in an automated way, just configure your package management to use as its source for packages.

FreeBSD Mirror Server -

The ESnet FreeBSD mirror server is a fully functional IPv6-enabled FTP and CVSup mirror for FreeBSD source, ports, ISO images, etc. To use the FreeBSD mirror, put the following line in your sup file:

  • *default

To fetch source files for ports from the ESnet FreeBSD Mirror, put the following line in /etc/make.conf: