Chris Cummings

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Chris Cummings
Software Engineer


Marc Koerner, Chris Cummings, Network Orchestration at ESnet, Cisco Automation Developer Days, December 4, 2023,

ESnet is the DOE’s internal research network WAN provider. The ESnet network is designed as a high bandwidth and jumbo-frame optimized network, capable of transporting vast amounts of data between US national laboratories and supercomputing facilities. Thus, ESnet is delivering end-to-end connectivity for the scientific community for all sorts of data analytics and simulations. One of the major goals for our latest network generation (ESnet6) was the objective to have a fully orchestrated and automated configuration management system. Therefore, ESnet is leveraging tools like the Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) to deploy router configuration in a centralized and also service oriented fashion. This talk will provide an overview and insights about the current state of our NSO services, as well as how NSO is getting utilized in our network orchestration stack.