Computing Sciences Staff to Speak at Climate Data Best Practices Workshop

July 7, 2014

Contact: Jon Bashor, [email protected] or 510-486-5849

As climate models increase in resolution, the resulting simulations can generate

As climate models increase in resolution, the resulting simulations can generate terabytes of data.

ESnet and Internet2 are co-organizing a Focused Technical Workshop (FTW) on Climate Science, in collaboration with Indiana University, the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); and hosted by NOAA in Boulder, Colo. The July 14-16 workshop brings together network experts and scientists in the domain of international climate sciences to discuss their most pressing network-related issues and requirements.

Climate science is one of the most data-intensive fields of research, with climate data sets currently measured on a scale of terabytes, and within a few short years are expected to be petabytes in size.

Among the invited speakers sharing their experiences and expertise in managing, accessing and analyzing climate data are staff from ESnet and the Computational Research Division. Here’s a day-by-day list of their presentations:

Monday, July 14

  • “Welcome and Workshop Overview,” Inder Monga, ESnet
  • “The Structure of Global R&E Networking,” Inder Monga, ESnet
  • “Big Data Analytics at Scale: Lessons learned from processing CMIP-5 on Mira,” Prabhat, CRD

Tuesday, July 15

  • “Anatomy of a Climate Science-Centric Workflow,” Hari Krishnan, CRD
  • “What do We Need to Manage End-To-End Scientific Workflows for Efficiency and Productivity,” Lavanya Ramakrishnan, CRD

 Wed., July 16

  • “Simplifying Climate Application Access to Distributed Data Using Named-Data Networking (NDN),” Christos Papadopoulos, Colorado State University, and Inder Monga, ESnet
  • “Best Practices for Securing the Science DMZ,” Nick Buraglio, ESnet
  • The closing keynote address by ESnet’s Eli Dart will bring together the main themes of the workshop with an eye toward future steps.

More information about the workshop can be found at: