Bruce Mah

Bruce Mah
Software Engineer
Planning & Architecture Group

Bruce Mah is a software engineer in ESnet's Planning and Architecture Group. He has a range of technical interests including network routing and traffic analysis, software development, performance analysis, software and release engineering, and embedded systems. He currently is the technical lead for ESnet's High-Touch project, which uses software and programmable hardware to perform high-fidelity network traffic measurements. Bruce is also the lead maintainer for iperf3, an open-source network measurement program that is used as a part of the perfSONAR system, as well as a stand-alone tool.

Prior to joining the ESnet staff, Bruce was a Distinguished Engineer at Packet Design. While there, he worked on a variety of projects around the Route Explorer network analysis appliance, ranging from a NetFlow collector, to the redesign of the configuration system, to managing the software development infrastructure.  Bruce has also worked at nCircle Network Security, Cisco Systems, and Sandia National Laboratories. He was also a developer and release engineer for the FreeBSD Project.

Bruce's office at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is just uphill from his alma mater, the University of California at Berkeley, where he received a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (minor in Asian-American Studies), and MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science.



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