Evangelos Chaniotakis

Evangelos (Vangelis) Chaniotakis
Software Engineer
Software Engineering Group

Evangelos (Vangelis) Chaniotakis is a member of the Software Engineering Group, as well as a core software developer for the ESnet OSCARS virtual circuit reservation and provisioning system. He is also involved in several international standardization activities related to virtual circuits, such as the OGF Network Standards Interface working group, and he is the chair of the GLIF GNI API Task Force.

Vangelis joined ESnet in 2007, after 10 years as a network and software engineer at the University of Crete NOC, where he designed and implemented web-based systems and services. He was one of the core developers of the ANStool software used by the GRnet and HEAnet, Greece and Ireland’s R&E networks. He helped integrate ANStool with the AutoBAHN virtual circuit provisioning service developed by GEANT, a pan-European research and education networking organization.