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There are two interfaces provided by the IDC: a forms based web browser interface (WBUI) and a web services SOAP message interface (API). Both are secure interfaces and require the user to be registered and authorized by the ISP at which the reservation starts. Individual authorization at subsequent ISPs is not required. Both interfaces allow the user to make, query, list, modify and delete reservations. In addition, the WBUI allows an administrator to add, authorize, and manage users, and the user to modify his user profile, and the API provides interfaces to signal the instantiation of a path or to tear it down. The API also provides interfaces intended for the use of OSCARS services running in other domains to forward a request and to request network topology.

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Web Service Interface (API)

OSCARS provides a Java client-side interface class,, to setup, marshal parameters, send, receive and unmarshal the parameters.   Read More