Who's Using OSCARS?

OSCARS has been adopted by 50+ global research networks, wide-area backbones, regional networks, exchange points, local-area networks, and testbeds. These include Internet2 in the US, the US Large Hadron Collider Network (US LHCnet), JGN in Japan, RNP in Brazil, and many others. National Science Foundation-funded projects, including DyGIR and DYNES, have deployed another 20+ instances of OSCARS at university campuses.

Wide-area Backbone Networks
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Global Research Networks


RNP (Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa)—Brazilian National Research and Education Network


KOREN (Korean Advanced Research Network)



KREONET (Korea Research Environment Open Network)


USLHCnet (US Large Hadron Collider Network)


Regional Networks


UEN (Utah Education Network)


FLR (Florida LambdaRail)


LONI (Louisiana Optical Network Initiative)


MARIA (Mid-Atlantic Research Infrastructure Alliance)


LEARN (Lonestar Education And Research Network)


University Campus Networks


University of Colorado at Boulder


University of Houston


Princeton University




Florida International University


Vanderbilt University


University of Oregon


Florida Institute of Technology


MD Anderson


Tufts University


Texas A&M


Southern Illinois University


University of Michigan


Indiana University


University of California, Santa Cruz


University of Texas Arlington


California Institute of Technology


University of Virginia


University of Wisconsin Madison


University of Florida


University of Texas, Dallas


Rice University


University of California, San Diego


Oregon State University


Harvard University


University of Utah


University of Iowa


Michigan State University


University of Delaware


Johns Hopkins University


University of Nebraska Lincoln


University of Oklahoma


University of Massachussetes Dartmouth


University of Pennsylvania


Boston University


Local-area Networks



 RENCI (Renaissance Computing Institute)


BNL (Brookhaven National Laboratory)


Exchange Points


MAX (Mid-Atlantic Crossroads)


SOX (Southern Crossroads)


NOX (Northern Crossroads)


MAGPI (Mid-Atlantic GigaPoP in Philadelphia for Internet2)


FRGP (Front Range GigaPoP)


AMPATH (America's Path)


Oregon GigaPoP


CENIC (Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California)


 MANLAN (Manhattan Landing Exchange Point)



JGN-X (Japan Gigabit Network-Extreme)


GpENI (Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation)