Wenji Wu

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Wenji Wu
Networking Research Engineer

An expert in both quantum and classical networks, Dr. Wenji Wu is a network research engineer in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Scientific Networking Division, where he works on quantum networks, high-speed networking, and distributed systems for QUANT-NET and for ESnet's Testbeds & Prototypes group.

Dr. Wu is the PI on two DOE network research projects, the MDTM project and the BigData Express project. These two projects are targeted at providing schedulable, predictable, and high-performance data transfer service for DOE’s large-scale science computing facilities and their collaborators.

His recent research focuses on quantum networks. He is currently working on the QUANT-NET project, which aims to build a three-node quantum network testbed in Berkeley area. His roles in the project are (1) quantum network architecture and protocol stack research and development and (2) quantum network real-time control system research and development.

Dr. Wu earned his Ph.D. in computer engineering from University of Arizona. 

Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

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Liang Zhang, Phil Demar, Bockjoo Kim, Wenji Wu, “MDTM: Optimizing Data Transfer Using Multicore-Aware I/O Scheduling”, 2017 IEEE 42nd Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), IEEE, September 12, 2017,

Bulk data transfer is facing significant challenges in the coming era of big data. There are multiple performance bottlenecks along the end-to-end path from the source to destination storage system. The limitations of current generation data transfer tools themselves can have a significant impact on end-to-end data transfer rates. In this paper, we identify the issues that lead to underperformance of these tools, and present a new data transfer tool with an innovative I/O scheduler called MDTM. The MDTM scheduler exploits underlying multicore layouts to optimize throughput by reducing delay and contention for I/O reading and writing operations. With our evaluations, we show how MDTM successfully avoids NUMA-based congestion and significantly improves end-to-end data transfer rates across high-speed wide area networks.

Wenji Wu, Phil DeMar, “Wirecap: a novel packet capture engine for commodity NICs in high-speed networks”, ACM IMC'14, ACM, November 5, 2014, IMC'14:395-406,

Web Articles


Wenji Wu, Phil DeMar, Liang Zhang, Packet capture engine for commodity network interface cards in high-speed networks, Patent US20160127276A1 United States, November 4, 2015,