Publications and Presentations About OSCARS


Abhinava Sadasivarao, Sharfuddin Syed, Chris Liou, Ping Pan, Andrew Lake, Chin Guok, Inder Monga, “Open Transport Switch - A Software Defined Networking Architecture for Transport Networks”, August 17, 2013,


There have been a lot of proposals to unify the control and management of packet and circuit networks but none have been deployed widely. In this paper, we propose a sim- ple programmable architecture that abstracts a core transport node into a programmable virtual switch, that meshes well with the software-defined network paradigm while leverag- ing the OpenFlow protocol for control. A demonstration use-case of an OpenFlow-enabled optical virtual switch im- plementation managing a small optical transport network for big-data applications is described. With appropriate exten- sions to OpenFlow, we discuss how the programmability and flexibility SDN brings to packet-optical backbone networks will be substantial in solving some of the complex multi- vendor, multi-layer, multi-domain issues service providers face today. 


Abhinava Sadasivarao, Sharfuddin Syed, Ping Pan, Chris Liou, Andy Lake, Chin Guok, Inder Monga, Open Transport Switch: A Software Defined Networking Architecture for Transport Networks, Workshop, August 16, 2013,

Presentation at HotSDN Workshop as part of SIGCOMM 2013


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Chin Guok, Evolution of OSCARS, Joint Techs, January 23, 2012,

On-demand Secure Circuits and Advance Reservation System (OSCARS) has evolved tremendously since its conception as a DOE funded project to ESnet back in 2004. Since then, it has grown from a research project to a collaborative open-source software project with production deployments in several R&E networks including ESnet and Internet2. In the latest release of OSCARS as version 0.6, the software was redesigned to flexibly accommodate both research and production needs. It is being used currently by several research projects to study path computation algorithms, and demonstrate multi-layer circuit management. Just recently, OSCARS 0.6 was leveraged to support production level bandwidth management in the ESnet ANI 100G prototype network, SCinet at SC11 in Seattle, and the Internet2 DYNES project. This presentation will highlight the evolution of OSCARS, activities surrounding OSCARS v0.6 and lessons learned, and share with the community the roadmap for future development that will be discussed within the open-source collaboration.


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